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How Jordanian ICT Talent is Taking Over the World

An introduction from the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

Webhelp CEO Wa’ed Al Hawamdeh

Letter from his Excellency

A Word from His Excellency Ahmad Hanandeh

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of JoSourceIT, a groundbreaking digital publication created by the ministry’s Jordan Source program.

Since its inception, Jordan Source has been playing a transformative role in the country’s ICT sector. For starters, the program has helped to create unprecedented unity, cohesion, and cooperation across the industry, providing a space and a platform for local ITO, BPO, and gaming companies to share their insights, promote their businesses, and gain the support they need to excel.

Jordan Source has also been elevating the Kingdom’s global visibility as an IT outsourcing and investment destination. By participating in major global IT events, conducting its own outreach efforts, and building an international network of partners, Jordan Source is changing the way the world looks at the Kingdom and its potential.

The results of these efforts are tangible: numerous international businesses have already set up operations in Jordan and countless more are currently in Jordan Source’s business pipeline.

But perhaps most notably, the entire world seems to be talking about Jordan, its incredible wealth of talent, and its unparalleled potential.

In this issue of JoSourceIT, you’ll learn more about the work that Jordan Source and its partners have been doing, and their many achievements and milestones. You’ll also get an in-depth glimpse at the incredible caliber of the country’s ICT talents, you’ll have the opportunity to hear first-hand from companies that have found success in the Kingdom, and you’ll discover how wide-reaching global cooperation and engagement are serving to further elevate the country’s already-robust ICT sector—and creating opportunities for businesses from countries all around the world.

On behalf of Jordan Source and the entire Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, welcome. I hope you will enjoy this inaugural issue of JoSourceIT—and the many issues and editions to come.

Ahmad Hanandeh

Jordan Source News

Learn about our recent activities and milestones

Jordan Source Launches The Source Directory

Jordan Source recently unveiled its latest milestone with the launch of The Source Directory, a comprehensive resource that will allow businesses around the world to explore opportunities for IT, business process, and gaming-industry investments and outsourcing in the Kingdom. The Source Directory is a one-stop shop for businesses and stakeholders looking to explore the Kingdom’s robust ICT landscape, making it easier than ever to connect companies worldwide with opportunities for IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, gaming-industry investments and partnerships, and more. The interactive digital guide features all of Jordan Source’s partners on one easy-to-navigate platform, and can be continuously updated to reflect new partners and industry players in the market.

Jordan Source Hosts Second ICT Sector Meeting for Industry Partners

Jordan Source Hosts Second ICT Sector Meeting for Industry Partners

During Ramadan, Jordan Source invited its partners to attend its second official ICT Sector Meeting, hosting a special suhour event on Wednesday, April 12. The gathering brought together ICT leaders representing a wide range of local, regional, and international companies—from ITO and BPO providers to key players in Jordan’s gaming sector.

In addition to providing Jordan Source with an opportunity to highlight its latest activities and achievements—such as its highly successful ICT Roadshow across the United States—the suhour event gave the Jordan Source team the chance to unveil The Source Directory, and to share their exciting future plans. This included announcing the restructuring of Jordan Source into ‘Jordan Source Group,’ which strategically segments the program’s wide-reaching activities into distinct categories and focus areas that will allow Jordan Source to better serve its partners and drive wide-reaching development and growth throughout the ICT sector.

Jordan Makes History at SXSW 2023

Jordan Makes History at SXSW 2023

In March, Jordan made history at SXSW 2023, as the first-ever Arab nation to officially participate in the global event. The Jordanian delegation was led by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and included the attendance and participation of numerous Jordanian leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. During the SXSW Creative Industries Expo, held from March 12 to 15, the ministry and its Jordan Source program hosted a large, prominent booth at the Austin Convention Center, where they promoted the Kingdom as an ideal destination for tourism and investment—with a focus on attracting ICT investments and outsourcing.

SXSW is one of the largest annual tech and culture events in the United States, and this year’s event attracted more than 300,000 attendees. In addition to hosting a booth at the Creative Industries Expo, the Jordanian delegation also hosted two speaking sessions during the conference: the first, led by Jordan Source’s Tamer Zumot and Dana Darwish, was titled, “Jordanian Talent: The 8th Wonder of the World,” and put the spotlight on Jordan’s wealth of tech talents, digging deep into why and how the small Kingdom has been such a prolific source of innovation. The second session, titled, “Is Jordan the Middle East’s Silicon Valley?,” welcomed three Jordanian tech leaders—Fouad Jeryes of Maqsam, Nour Khrais of Maysalward, and Tina Sweis of Troytopia—to explain how Jordan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem encourages creativity and innovation at all levels.

Jordanian Delegation Connects with Texas Business Leaders

Jordanian Delegation Connects with Texas Business Leaders

On the sidelines of SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas, Jordan Source—along with the entire Jordan ICT Roadshow, led by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship—attended an exclusive networking event with the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Bringing together Jordanian and American business leaders, the event was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our connections with the business and startup communities in the Texas capital.

The Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, His Excellency Ahmad Hanandeh, addressed attendees at the event and put a spotlight on the strength of the Jordanian delegation, while Jordan Source’s Tamer Zumot provided an engaging introduction to the program, highlighting how Jordan Source works to facilitate the process of helping businesses establish and expand operations in the Kingdom.

Jordanian Delegation Connects with Texas Business Leaders

Jordan’s Tech Talents Takeover Silicon Valley

During the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship’s recent ICT Roadshow across the United States, Jordan Source paid a visit to San Francisco, California, where our delegation had the chance to meet with some of Silicon Valley’s leading tech companies and venture capitalists. These events provided us with the opportunity to introduce key global tech leaders to the Jordan Source program and highlight the Kingdom’s incredible potential as an ICT investment and outsourcing destination.

By enhancing our presence in Silicon Valley, Jordan Source is working to further position the Kingdom as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the Middle East, attracting major international tech innovators and disruptors to Jordan and creating a wealth of opportunities for the country’s young, tech-savvy talents.

Connecting Local Entrepreneurs to B2B Opportunities in the U.S.

Connecting Local Entrepreneurs to B2B Opportunities in the U.S.

On our recent ICT Roadshow across the United States, our delegation of Jordanian entrepreneurs and tech leaders had the chance to take part in a number of high-profile B2B meetings and visits to some of the world’s leading tech companies. This included a visit to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California; Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center in Washington, D.C.; and one of Equinix’s data centers in Virginia. Visits and meetings like these gave us the opportunity to strengthen our partnerships with global tech leaders and help our partners gain new opportunities and inspiration that will ultimately drive further innovation in Jordan’s ICT sector.

Jordanian Delegation Connects with Members of the Diaspora

Jordanian Delegation Connects with Members of the Diaspora

Jordan may be a small country with a relatively small population, but Jordanians around the world continue to make their mark as leaders, innovators, and trailblazers. During our recent ICT Roadshow across the United States, Jordan Source had the opportunity to meet with some of these diaspora communities, hosting a series of gatherings in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. In addition to allowing us to connect with exceptionally accomplished Jordanians abroad, it also gave us a chance to introduce these groups to the Jordan Source program, and to highlight how Jordanians across the globe can further contribute to the success and prosperity of the Kingdom—including through the ministry’s recently launched Jordan Changemakers program, which seeks to engage successful members of the diaspora to become agents of positive change for their country.

Jordan Source Engages with Donors and Financial Institutions

Jordan Source Engages with Donors and Financial Institutions

Last month, Jordan Source and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship hosted a luncheon for key donors and donor organizations in and around the Washington, D.C. area. The event provided us with a wonderful opportunity to showcase the incredible work and progress being done by the Jordan Source program, and to enrich our connections with development agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and other strategic partners in the U.S.

On the heels of this event, the delegation also paid visits to the International Finance Corporation, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, and the World Bank, all of which provided invaluable insights for our team and delegates.

Networking in the U.S. Capital

Networking in the U.S. Capital

During the final leg of our ICT Roadshow last month, the delegation was invited to attend a special networking event at the Embassy of Jordan in Washington, D.C. The event was hosted in partnership with the DC Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and included an engaging panel discussion featuring the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, H.E. Ahmad Hanandeh. The delegation received a warm welcome from embassy staff and from the Jordanian Ambassador in Washington, D.C., H.E. Dina Kawar, and had the opportunity to connect with a diverse and influential group of attendees.

Updates from Our Partners

Celebrating our partners’ latest news and achievements


Averta opens new offices in Amman

Avertra, a global software company based in the United States, recently hosted a special event to unveil its new offices in Amman’s Abdoun neighborhood. The ceremony was held on Wednesday, February 15.

The opening of Avertra’s new facilities in Amman reflects the company’s ongoing prioritization of its operations in the Kingdom.

Amman already serves as the company’s central hub and primary research and development center, and Avertra’s team in Jordan already accounts for 61 percent of its total workforce. During the unveiling of its new offices, the company highlighted plans to hire another 100 employees by the end of the year, backing its continued investment in local communities throughout Jordan, with a focus on creating opportunities for Jordanian youth.

Tamatem and Babil Games nominated for Best Publisher Award at Leading Industry Event

Babil + Tamatem Award Nominations

Tamatem and Babil Games nominated for Best Publisher Award at Leading Industry Event

Two of Jordan’s esteemed gaming companies, Tamatem Games and Babil Games, were both recently selected as finalists for the Best Publisher Award at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2023.

Like other Jordanian gaming companies, Tamatem and Babil continue to elevate the country’s positioning as a global leader in the gaming industry, further elevating the Kingdom’s profile as a pioneering tech and startup hub.

Maysalward Founder Nour Khrais Receives Mobile Legend Award

Nour Khrais Gaming Industry Award

Maysalward Founder Nour Khrais Receives Mobile Legend Award

The Founder and CEO of Jordanian gaming company Maysalward, Nour Khrais, was recently presented with the Mobile Legend Award at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2023. This illustrious lifetime achievement award recognizes an individual in the mobile gaming sector who has achieved considerable success in their career, and who has made outstanding contributions to the mobile gaming space.

As the founder of the MENA region’s first mobile gaming company, Nour has always been recognized as a  trailblazer in his field, and has played a key role in helping catapult Jordan’s gaming industry onto a global stage.

Correlation One Launches ‘Data Science for All’ Program

Correlation One Data Science for All Program

Correlation One Launches ‘Data Science for All’ Program

Correlation One, a digital training and skill development platform, has officially launched its latest pioneering program, Data Science for All/Jordan (DS4A/Jordan). Through the inaugural run of this groundbreaking 10-week program, 50 Jordanian citizens and Syrian refugees received advanced data skills training.

The first cohort of DS4A/Jordan participants was chosen from a pool of more than 1,700 highly skilled applicants. The application process was extremely rigorous and included a written application, skill assessment, and personal interview. The program is entirely free of charge for those who make it through the admissions process.

As a partner of Jordan Source, Correlation One is helping tap into the incredible talent and potential of Jordanian youth and demonstrating one of the many reasons why Jordan is an ideal destination for companies to make their next ITO or BPO investment.

Jordan Source’s first partner expands its team to 120 employees

GN TEQ (first Jordan Source partner) expands to 120 employees

Jordan Source’s first partner expands its team to 120 employees

GN TEQ, Jordan Source’s first-ever partner, continues to demonstrate its global market leadership, witnessing impressive growth and expansion on all fronts. Recently, the company hit an exciting milestone in the expansion of its team, with more than 120 employees now working at GN TEQ’s Amman offices.

GN TEQ is an agile consultancy specializing in designing, developing, and maintaining innovative software solutions for eCommerce logistics and technology. Operating globally, the company operates across a number of niche sectors, offering rich expertise, credibility, and peace of mind to its portfolio of leading corporate customers. 

Estarta demonstrates operational excellence with new partnerships and certifications

Estarta 2023 achievements

Estarta demonstrates operational excellence with new partnerships and certifications

Estarta, a global network engineering and information technology company, continues to demonstrate its industry leadership—most recently through a number of new partnerships and certifications. The company recently announced a strategic partnership with Nutanix, a well-known cloud computing company. The partnership is anticipated to open new business prospects and improve both companies’ offerings and services provided to clients worldwide.

Additionaly, of the entire team at Estarta continues to elevate the quality of the company’s services, all while delivering the most superlative security and privacy standards. In recognition of the company’s exceptional operational standards in information technology, Estarta recently received its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

And the company is equally committed to fostering a supportive, productive, and engaging work environment: in March, Estarta was named one of the Best Places to Work in Jordan. These awards are considered the gold standard for excellence in terms of employee satisfaction, and a testament to Estarta’s superb workplace culture.

Dinarak racks up a slew of global awards and accolades

Dinarak Awards

Dinarak racks up a slew of global awards and accolades

Local payment service provider Dinarak—the provider of the Central Bank of Jordan’s innovative JoMoPay system—continues to gain wide-reaching recognition for its tech-sector leadership, winning numerous prestigious awards over the past year. Dinarak was ranked number 28 on Forbes Middle East’s list of the Top 30 Fintech Companies for 2023, and was ranked number two on Deloitte’s list of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the Middle East and Cyprus.

Dinarak was also one of 32 startups chosen to develop financial inclusion solutions for migrants across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and the company took part in the launch of the Huawei Cloud Startup Program for the Middle East and Africa. Time and again, Dinarak continues to demonstrate its market leadership on a regional and global scale.

Aumet kicks off 2023 by elevating its solutions, operations, and management

Aumet kicks off 2023 by elevating its solutions, operations, and management

Aumet, an innovative platform that aims to digitize the medicine ordering system by leveraging advanced technologies, has spent the first half of 2023 expanding its operations across several markets, enhancing its leadership team, and leveraging groundbreaking technologies to revolutionize its services. Recently, the company brought on board a new cofounder, CCO, and investor, Mohammad Batterjee. Batterjee has brought his robust expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to Aumet, and is helping the company pursue strategic expansion opportunities across the MENA region.

As part of these expansion plans, Aumet has also introduced a franchising business model, allowing more markets to readily benefit from its comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions, which feature AI-powered data analytics capabilities. By incorporating technological innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning, Aumet is rapidly transforming the medical and pharmaceutical industry throughout the region.

Aumet kicks off 2023 by elevating its solutions, operations, and management

Insan HRMS Unveils Revolutionary Cloud-based HR System

One of Jordan Source’s newest partners, Insan HRMS, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new cloud-based human resources management system, an all-in-one solution for streamlining HR operations. From employee onboarding and payroll management to performance evaluations and talent acquisition, the intuitive Insan HRMS platform simplifies and automates businesses’ HR processes. The system employs advanced analytics and reporting, as well as robust security measures, in order to gain valuable insights, help companies make informed, data-driven decisions, and ensure data confidentiality. Enhancing its system capabilities through a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Insan HRMS is proud to provide customers with a robust cloud-based solution, continually adding value through new modules and features.

Cover Story

How Jordanian ICT Talent is Taking Over the World

How Jordanian ICT Talent is Taking Over the World

For such a small, relatively unassuming country, Jordan seems to have an infinite supply of creativity, ingenuity, and talent. At first glance, it almost feels like an anomaly—but upon deeper reflection, it’s clear that Jordan is exceptional by design. The Kingdom has long prioritized innovation and technology: after all, as a Middle Eastern country that lacks the natural oil wealth of its neighbors, Jordan has always needed to find innovative ways to distinguish and sustain itself.

But in recent years, Jordanian tech leaders have truly been taking over the globe: you’ll find Jordanians managing top companies in Silicon Valley, holding leading positions at NASA, accepting multi-million-dollar acquisition offers from huge multinational businesses, and positioning themselves as ICT leaders and changemakers on an international scale.

How is it that Jordanians seem to be everywhere in the global tech scene?

It starts, of course, with culture and upbringing: Jordanian culture has always valued innovative thinking, and the educational system places considerable value on STEM learning. Jordanians, in general, are a highly educated populace, with a literacy rate of over 98 percent. To date, there are more than two dozen public and private universities across the country that offer ICT-related degrees and programs, resulting in more than 8,000 ICT graduates each year. And with more than half the population under the age of 25, this trend shows no signs of abating.

This has created an enormous talent pool for the tech sector—which has attracted the attention of multinational companies from around the world. Global leaders like Amazon and Microsoft have established large-scale operations in Jordan, capitalizing on the country’s endless stream of young, ambitious talent.

Local businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs have also taken a keen interest in supporting the Kingdom’s wealth of young innovators: the country boasts countless startup incubators and venture capital firms, providing young entrepreneurs with no shortage of resources for business incubation and development, access to investors and financing at all stages, and tools for product and service development.

In other words, in Jordan, great ideas will always be fostered, supported, and developed. The result? Twenty-seven of the MENA region’s top 100 startups are Jordanian—a huge proportion when you consider that Jordanians account for less than two percent of the entire MENA population.

And thanks to the exceptional character of the Jordanian diaspora, the country’s talents are being proudly represented abroad as well.

At Jordan Source, we had the opportunity to connect with some of these members of the diaspora—while simultaneously elevating our local ICT talents onto a global stage—during our recent ICT Roadshow across the United States. During this roadshow, the topic of Jordanian talent was at the forefront of everything we did: for starters, our record-breaking participation in South by Southwest (as the first Arab nation ever to officially take part in the annual tech, music, and film event) included two special sessions on the topic of Jordan’s exceptional tech talents. Taking the stage at the SXSW Creative Industries Expo in Austin, Texas, Jordan Source’s own Tamer Zumot and Dana Darwish demonstrated how Jordan’s ICT ecosystem has created fertile ground for talent to spring forth in abundance. The following day, three of our delegates—Fouad Jeryes of Maqsam, Nour Khrais of Maysalward, and Tina Sweis of Troytopia—shared their incredible stories of success, highlighting how Jordan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem encourages creativity and ingenuity, driving innovation of local startups and creating the conditions for members of the diaspora to thrive amongst the global tech scene.

During this roadshow through Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Washington, DC, Jordan Source and the ministry’s delegation of tech leaders had the chance to demonstrate the country’s ICT leadership to key business leaders, investors, donors, Fortune 500 companies, and countless tech-industry players. We also had several opportunities to meet and strengthen ties with our incredible diaspora, further enriching the Jordanian support system that intersects every corner of the globe.

This culture of connection and support is perhaps one of the most central elements responsible for producing so much Jordanian innovation: it is embedded in the educational system, in the startup ecosystem, and in the spirit of Jordanians everywhere, and it has helped elevate the entire ICT sector to incredible heights.

In this publication—and in future editions—you’ll see example after example after example of Jordanians who are making a name for themselves as tech leaders, and helping the Kingdom carve out its niche as a global tech hub.

The Diplomacy Wire

Why a Digital Future Demands International Partnership & Cooperation

Foreign Commercial Service Officer Janee Pierre-Louis, Avertra CEO Bashir Bseirani, and Economic Officer Manuela Hernandez (left to right) attend the new Avertra office opening

U.S.-Jordan Partnership News

The United States has a longstanding strategic partnership with Jordan. In September 2023, the United States and Jordan signed a seven-year, $10 billion+ Memorandum of Understanding. U.S. assistance in Jordan supports the Kingdom’s homegrown reforms, including the Economic Modernization Vision.

In addition to economic assistance provided through the U.S. Agency for International Development, the embassy’s active Economic and Commercial sections maintain broad contacts with the Jordanian government and private sector to understand economic developments and promote U.S.-Jordan business ties. The embassy’s Public Affairs Section (PAS) promotes people-to-people ties through international exchanges, grant opportunities for Jordanians, and university partnerships.

In recent months, Ambassador Wooster hosted a roundtable with 10 American technology companies to learn more about their operations in Jordan. Many have been operating successfully in Jordan for decades and have been joined by new arrivals. Embassy staff also recently attended the opening of Avertra’s new office in February. On May 30, Ambassador Wooster participated in Jordan Source’s latest webinar, reiterating the embassy’s interest in hearing from U.S. companies that are considering doing business in Jordan.

Last year, PAS sent eight Jordanian cybersecurity professionals to the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program. This exchange exposed them to U.S. cybersecurity companies, government institutions, and universities—cementing ties for future partnerships. Every year, PAS selects young Jordanian women (15 to 17 years old) to participate in a 25-day TechGirls exchange program at Virginia Tech University that includes skill development workshops. Additionally, through the TechWomen program, PAS connects Jordanian women in STEM fields with U.S. tech leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area every year. In October 2023, PAS will oversee the implementation of the Jordan Cybersecurity Youth Academy (JCYA), which will increase cybersecurity awareness, technical skills, and capacity building for 50 Jordanian youth between the ages of 18 and 24.

Jordan Source Hosts Webinar in Partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Jordan

Jordan Source Hosts Webinar in Partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Jordan

Building on the success of Jordan Source’s ICT Roadshow across the United States, the Jordan Source program recently hosted its latest webinar, titled, “The Power of Partnership: Expanding U.S. Business Operations into Jordan.” Held on Tuesday, May 30, in partnership with the Embassy of the United States in Jordan, the webinar provided attendees from across the globe with rich insights into how Jordan provides fertile ground for companies looking to pursue strategic growth—especially through ICT investment and outsourcing opportunities.

The webinar began with a brief introduction about Jordan’s flourishing ICT sector—including the many achievements and milestones of the Jordan Source program—followed by keynote addresses from three highly esteemed guests: His Excellency Ahmad Hanandeh, the Jordanian Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship; His Excellency Henry T. Wooster, U.S. Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; and Her Excellency Dina Kawar, Jordanian Ambassador the United States. All three speakers underscored the incredible potential for partnership between American and Jordanian entities and highlighted how Jordan has become an ideal destination for businesses looking to tap into a wellspring of talent, opportunity, and diverse market access.

After the keynote speeches, attendees were treated to an engaging panel discussion, which invited several notable ICT and business leaders to share their experiences and insights into why Jordan has become such a remarkable hub for innovation and talent—and how the Kingdom’s various assets and attributes are helping multinational companies achieve unrivaled success through their operations in the country. The panel discussion was led by Dr. Nida Davis, Director of Security Architecture at Microsoft and a member of the ministry’s Jordan Changemakers program, and included the participation of Samer Judeh, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan; Michael Orfaly, Country Senior Partner at PwC Jordan; Rasha Manna, General Manager of Flat6Labs; and Bashir Bseirani, CEO and CTO of Avertra. The diverse array of speakers and panelists served to underscore the incredible synergy among various public- and private-sector stakeholders, all of whom have been tirelessly advocating for the exceptional potential and promise of the Kingdom’s ICT sector.

Attendees were also invited to take part in a Q&A session, allowing them to gain even further insights into Jordan’s extraordinary potential as an ICT outsourcing and investment destination. The session was also an opportunity for participants to learn more about how the Jordan Source program is playing an active role in facilitating and supporting business’ ICT outsourcing opportunities in the Kingdom—and working to elevate the country’s ICT sector as a whole.

Why a Digital Future Demands International Partnership & Cooperation

Why a Digital Future Demands International Partnership & Cooperation

At Jordan Source, we believe strongly in the incredible power of partnership—and this commitment can be seen in absolutely everything we do. We leverage wide-reaching partnerships—both locally and internationally—in order to fulfill our vision of a sustainable digital future. From our partnerships with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and tech talents to the long-term support we provide our international business partners, we understand that collaboration is the most valuable tool we have.

And during our latest webinar, attendees were given a glimpse into another dimension of this commitment to cooperation: our strong relationships with international diplomatic missions. Hosted in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, “The Power of Partnership: Expanding U.S. Business Operations into Jordan” highlighted the immense added value that comes from diplomatic cooperation.

The U.S. has long been a supportive partner in Jordan’s growth and development: during the webinar, the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan, His Excellency Henry T. Wooster, gave his own enthusiastic endorsement of Jordan’s robust ICT sector—and the incredible potential that it offers for American businesses.

The tireless support of diplomatic partners like the U.S. Ambassador is yet another way Jordan Source is working to tap into new opportunities in the Kingdom’s ICT sector. By collaborating closely with embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions operating here in Jordan—and by tapping into the Kingdom’s own diplomatic communities around the world—we’re creating a robust network of partners who are actively helping us identify new opportunities, prospects, and avenues for growth.

After all, our mission is a distinctly global one: we’re helping companies worldwide find success and tap into business growth and strategic market expansion—and that ultimately has real global value that extends far beyond our borders.

With technology, the world gets smaller every day. And with Jordan’s ideal geographic location, its robust ICT infrastructure, and its wealth of tech-savvy talent, we’re well-positioned to serve as the epicenter of future innovation, connectivity, and opportunity. As His Excellency Henry T. Wooster said himself, “Jordan is your gateway to reaching a regional Arabic market of half a billion.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In future issues of Jo Source IT, you’ll be hearing from more of our diplomatic partners, who will share their own insights, identify new opportunities, and demonstrate the vital importance of international partnership. Together, we’re all working toward the same goal: a brighter future, in which technology and innovation are driving opportunities for everyone.

Jordan Source Bids Farewell to US Ambassador

Jordan Source Bids Farewell to US Ambassador

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to His Excellency Henry T. Wooster, US Ambassador to Jordan, for his service in promoting the Kingdom’s ICT sector as a whole, and for his support of Jordan Source’s initiatives in particular.

His Excellency the Ambassador most recently lent his business expertise in a keynote speech at the latest Jordan Source Webinar. Titled “The Power of Partnership: Expanding U.S. Business Operations into Jordan”, the webinar was held in partnership with the US Embassy in May.

Throughout his tenure, His Excellency Mr. Wooster has demonstrated exemplary diplomacy and leadership, and a profound commitment to fostering strong international business relations between the US and Jordan.

As a long-time supporter of innovation in industry, and as an advocate for youth, he has helped effectively promote the common interests of both countries. Under his stewardship, we have witnessed numerous positive developments and collaborations that will have a lasting impact on the sector.

His Excellency Mr. Wooster has effectively completed his assignment as US Ambassador to Jordan, a role in which he has served diligently since 2020. We at Jordan Source wish him the best in his future endeavors, and look forward to continuing his exceptional work with his successor.

Spotlight on Talent

Microsoft’s Director of Security Architecture, Dr. Nida Davis

Spotlight on Talent: Dr. Nida Davis, Director of Security Architecture, Microsoft

As the Director of Security Architecture at Microsoft—working from the company’s Digital Security & Resilience organization —Dr. Nida Davis is a stellar example of a Jordanian woman who has risen to the highest levels of global ICT-sector leadership. Her career journey is filled with exceptional milestones, game-changing roles, and incredible achievements—but she’s the first to admit that, when it comes to Jordanian talent, she is far from the exception.

“There’s a tremendous passion for education in Jordan,” she explains. “Often, when I talk to youth in Jordan, I assume that they’re focused on their bachelor’s thesis or something like that, but no: they’re already thinking about their Ph.D. dissertation.”

Like the youth she describes, Dr. Davis was always passionate about her education. “I studied in the Jordanian public school system, graduating in 1985 as one of the top 100 students in Tawjihi [Jordan’s famously challenging secondary school exams]. I always had a passion for math and science, so I decided that I wanted to become an engineer.” For her bachelor’s degree, she majored in chemical engineering. After graduating and getting married to an American diplomat, she and her husband were deployed to Cairo, Egypt.

“Being a member of the diplomatic community there, I didn’t have many opportunities to make use of my engineering education, so I decided to continue my education at the American University in Cairo (AUC), where I got an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems. I really enjoyed taking classes specialized in information technology, and this is what began my career in IT.” Her first professional foray into IT involved leading a group of graduate students to automate the medical supply chain for government hospitals in Egypt—a collaborative project between AUC and USAID. It was the start of a lifelong passion: “I loved every aspect of it: I was able to apply a lot of what I learned as a chemical engineer, especially when it comes to process control, systems engineering, system design end-to-end, and seeing the bigger picture.”

Dr. Davis moved to the United States, which officially kicked off her prestigious career in IT. Her first job involved reverse-engineering the IT system of a non-profit student loan company. “They wanted to upgrade their system, but they didn’t really know how it worked, so my job was to read the code and deconstruct the system, figure out how it all worked, and then just document all the operational processes. Some might find that really boring, but I loved figuring out how all these different modules worked and how everything was connected.”

After this role, she moved into technology consulting, working with the Pentagon to modernize and automate their budgeting system. Dr. Davis also spent some time at A&T and UUNET in the telecom sector, working on projects that essentially formed the backbone of the Internet at that time. “At UUNET, my job was to automate the company’s customer care, intake, and billing systems—and that’s what got me into systems architecture for the first time.” It’s also what kickstarted her passion for coaching and mentoring: “The CIO at the time was Elizabeth Hackenson, and she coached and mentored me enormously. She saw that I was really engaged in my work, and she asked me to lead her team of architects. I was still a junior at the time, but she was an ally for me, and she gave me enormous responsibilities and opportunities.”

Dr. Davis eventually took on her first director-level job at Hitachi, before joining the Federal Reserve as a lead architect. “I worked on the payment system in the United States,” she explains, “so I was involved in all aspects of security architecture, technology standards, and the modernization of the Federal Reserve’s systems and technologies. I got to introduce modern technology capabilities such as portal and content management technologies, consolidation of legacy search engines, data management and architecture tools for data extraction, loading, and transformation… data is the heart of the Federal Reserve system, so I worked to introduce new concepts for data architecture that allowed them to move data better and faster, and to make sure it’s cleaner and more secure.”

From there, she was recruited to serve as the first-ever Arab-American Chief Technology Officer for the American Red Cross. But soon after, the Federal Reserve came calling once again, this time inviting her to serve as the CTO for the division of Supervision and Regulation (S&R) at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System—the S&R division of the Federal Reserve that focuses primarily on regulating the American banking system. After serving for 10 years in the S&R CTO capacity, Art Lindo, the Public Policy Deputy Director for S&R, asked Dr. Davis to join him to lead the formulation of national and global banking operational resilience and security policies.  “During that time, cybersecurity was becoming a major risk for the banking sector, and Mr. Lindo wanted someone who was really conversant in cybersecurity to move into the policy side, so I was recruited into the world of policy.”

This proved to be yet another challenge—but if Dr. Davis’s career has taught her anything, it’s that flexibility is the key to success in IT. “If you work in IT, you have to be flexible and you have to be willing to learn. It is critical for professionals in our field to have a growth mindset” She soon became involved in drafting policies and regulations for the banking sector, and joined the G7 cyber expert group, and supported the Financial Stability Board, working on several international cyber and operational resilience committees, including the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

Banking public policy development in the operational resilience and cybersecurity domain required a great deal of international travel, and with the onset of COVID-19, and after serving for five years in this role, Dr. Davis began to think about making a shift in her career back to the private sector. This is when she joined Microsoft in her current role as the Director of Security Architecture. “It’s a very dynamic role, and I really enjoy working with my team and colleagues at Microsoft,” she says, adding that, “being technical is not enough to be successful in a role like this: digital security and resilience architecture is about seeing the big picture, redacting complexity, and solving highly complex problems. You must have the courage to have a vision and think big, and you must have a good grasp of potential resilience and cybersecurity challenges before they even happen. You must be forward-thinking in terms of predicting what might happen, so problem-solving and curiosity and big-picture thinking are all important skills to develop.”

These are precisely the kind of skill sets that she sees in abundance in her home country of Jordan. “I believe Jordanians have an immense sense of curiosity and problem-solving capabilities like no other—just by virtue of the country’s location at the intersection of civilizations,” she says, adding that, of all Jordan’s ICT greatest asset is undoubtedly its highly educated people. “I just get so energized by the young people in Jordan’s ICT sector: they are so daring and bold. There are no limits to their dreams and ideas. They’re entrepreneurs by their very nature.”

It is this passion for the potential of the Kingdom’s ICT sector—and the power of its youth—that led Dr. Davis to become a member of the Jordan Changemakers, a program under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship that recruits Jordanian expatriates from around the world to help support the growth and promotion of the country’s ICT sector. “We have tremendous talent and capabilities, and I want to give back, to help Jordan’s digital transformation journey, and to put the Kingdom on the map as the new Silicon Valley of the Middle East. I intersect a lot of people here in the United States who have no idea that Jordan has such a solid backbone for ICT and outsourcing, and that there is an abundance of technology talent that is readily able to tackle the ICT sector. I’m happy to help educate, to share my own experience and my journey, and be part of the transformation.” And she’s not alone in this passionate pursuit: “I believe Jordanians feel a strong sense of pride and commitment, and in the ICT sector, you have people from all walks of society working together to help the country be the best it can be, from the everyday ICT professional to the highest levels of national leadership. In many ways, it feels like one big family business.”

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